Mississippi Department of Corrections
Rankin County, Mississippi

Developed as part of an association of Mississippi architects and engineers*, CMCF was the first state prison to be constructed on property other than the Mississippi State Penitentiary at Parchman, MS.

The complex was master planned on a 70-acre site to house 625 inmates. Constructed at a cost of $24 million, the prison features three separate facilities unified on a single site:
• Reception & Classification Center (used for receiving and classifying all inmates entering the state system)
• Women's Facility
• Support Services Facility

Although 13 separate contracts were executed for this project, the Reception and Classification Center was completed six months ahead of schedule, and the Women's Facility completed four months ahead of schedule.

* The CB&D Group was a joint venture of Cooke, Douglass, Farr, Ltd, Barlow and Plunkett, and Dean/Dale and Dean Architects

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